Best poker casinos chicago

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Live Poker in and Around Chicago. Plus there are only a couple tables going, so not much table selection to go with if you are shopping around for a certain player base. Nov 1st,

I would be giving up value, because I can beat captainjack casino two homegames failrly easy Hopefully CelinaLin can win the trophy for me! Designed by Geek Chicago. Add pauman81 to Rail Reply Quote 1. Horseshoe Hammond, Indiana is the only "action" venue. I rushed here from East St Louis to play in their scheduled tournament.

hey guys, just looking at a few different poker rooms near chicago, and the quad cities. i know the horshoe in hammond is considered the best. In a separate room off the Horseshoe Hammond casino floor, the best Chicago poker room around attracts players of all skill levels with a wide array of poker. Looking for any perspectives on where the best games are in terms of beatability (if that is a word), action, and value. I don\'t really have the time or disposable.